Tips to Make Your Table a Show-Stopper

14 September 2016
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So you've hired a caterer and have a delicious meal planned for friends, family, and guests. What about your table? While many caterers will design and decorate your table to create a theme or scheme for your gathering, there are some simple tips that you can use to create a show-stopping table that rivals the deliciousness of the food that you serve on it. Some great tips for creating a gorgeous table include: Read More 

Know These BBQ Styles Before Planning An Event

12 April 2016
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When it comes time to throw an event for family, friends or coworkers, there is nothing better than a down-home BBQ. Everyone is sure to leave satisfied. However, the nation has a number of barbecuing traditions. You need to be aware of the various cooking styles before making final plans for the meal. To help you get started in this endeavor, following are some of the major ways that Americans cook their BBQ. Read More 

Three Healthy Appetizers To Put On Your Guests’ Tables At The Start Of An Outdoor Party

12 November 2015
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If you really want to throw a killer party that your guests will remember long after it's done, choosing an appetizer is one of the most important decisions you'll make. Especially if you'll be hosting a lot of people on diets, offering food that's healthy and tasty at the same time will be very much appreciated. Check out these three healthy appetizer dishes, and put the one that's most compatible with your party's theme on your guests' tables. Read More 

How Schools Can Help Fight Child Hunger Nutritiously

22 June 2015
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Children are starving in America. This statement may sound strange applied to the world's largest economy rather than an underdeveloped country, but such is the truth. Hunger and malnutrition are common ailments among school-aged children right in the United States. Statistics show that one out of every five kids go hungry. Here are some ideas that school nutrition services can explore to help reduce the number of hungry kids and improve their performance in the classroom. Read More 

Solving Common Frymaster Problems

14 April 2015
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The Frymaster is an indispensable ally of a kitchen warrior, but even the star of the team can have an off day. If your Frymaster is not functioning properly, there are fortunately several solutions that can get your Frymaster working properly again. A Defective Pilot If you are having problems with the pilot, you should check your gas supply to make sure that the gas supply valve is open. Also, make sure that the pilot orifice is not clogged. Read More